Ghost Train Riders

GhostTrainRidersLargeWriter: Radha S Menon
Director: Tony Sciara
Cast: Dia Frid, Maya Huliyappa-Menon
Performed at Gallery #2: Factory Media Centre

Review by: Jessica Perkins

Ghost Train Riders is the story of an old woman waiting to take a journey on a train. Her life, she says, is a series of goodbyes. Actress Dia Frid shines in her character work as this aged heroine who is the perfect combination of bitter and lovable. As she laments her frustrations on her favourite bench by the train platform, a boisterous teenager enters her personal space and refuses to leave. The teenager, played by Maya Huliyappa, confronts the old woman’s own lost youth with her energetic spirit. The two embark on a journey together through the old woman’s past, rediscovering the joys and pitfalls of her life. Frid and Huliyappa are a strong team together. They communicate well and share the stage beautifully. This piece was very well written and explores themes of morality, aging, family, forgiveness and ultimately- love. Especially love affected by transiency. Thoughtful but fun- Ghost Train Riders is an example of great storytelling for the stage. I’m excited to see Tony Sciara’s Passengers, his new full-length play from which Ghost Train Riders was taken.

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3 Responses to Ghost Train Riders

  1. Radha Menon says:

    Passengers is a full- length play written by Radha S Menon and Ghost Train Riders is part of Passengers.

  2. The Rev. Jody Medicoff says:

    not that it matters but I too thought it was brilliant!

  3. Tamara says:

    I also thought the show was brilliant. It’s like a beautiful piece of poetry that brings a message to every reader. In my case, I felt we were seeing the last images of a dying mind…making sense of passing away and moving on to the other side. She brought her suitcase to meet the train but her younger self helps her recognize she doesn’t need the memories. They will come with her.The sound effects give us the clue that we really aren’t hearing a train and the final beep in end is really the end. It literally took my breath away.

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