The Bird’s Nest

Bryan-Boodhoo-the-birds-nest-KEY-promo-shotPlaywright: Bryan Boodhoo
Director: Stefanie Achkewich
Cast: Dan Sanderson, Sanja Savic
Performed at Gallery #1: B Contemporary Gallery

Review by: Sean Pittman

2013 marks the introduction of the Gallery Mini Series to Hamilton Fringe. The concept is simple; short shows in small spaces. The Bird’s Nest, an absurd comedy by Bryan Boodhoo is presented as a pre-trial meeting between The Professor (Dan Sanderson) and his lawyer, (Sanja Savic). b contemporary gallery on James St. N. stands in as the intimate courthouse meeting room where this vignette of the Professor’s circumstances unfolds. The Professor is obsessed with words and linguistics. Rather than outright discussing the impending hearing with the lawyer, he bombasts her with his philosophy of language, where Sanderson’s abrasive intensity often blurs the boundaries between reason and insanity. From this unconventional rapport, human communication, mental health, and eventually, the circumstances of the Professor’s trial are explored. Savic shines as the lawyer, her coy (dis)interest in the Professor’s story often drives the dialogue. The piece is playful and well written, conversational, but extremely concise given the short time for the meeting. The only distracting element of the play was Sanderson’s inclination to address monologues to the giant pomegranates on display in b contemporary gallery; however this choice did suit the play’s clever mix of realism and absurdity that makes for an interesting exploration of the human condition.

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