Baby Redboots’ Revenge

BAby-Monster-Baby-Redboots-Revenge-KEYpromo-imagePlaywright: Philip-Dimitri Galas
Directors: Anne Meighan, Lynne Griffin
Cast: Sean Sullivan

Performed at the Lyric Theatre

Review by: Nicole Williams

Baby Redboot’s Revenge is acting at its finest. Sean Sullivan stars as Baby Four Strings, a once famed child actor who is now playing in a polka band and desperately trying to escape the curse of his former singing partner, Baby Redboots. Feeling doomed to a life of everlasting polka playing, the play shows Baby Four Strings going off on a tirade of hilarious bitterness.

Though a one-man show, Sullivan delivers a monologue filled with richness and dimension that will leave the audience believing the play had a cast of a dozen members. What Sullivan delivers is a seamless performance of haunting memories, nightmares, and a stream of consciousness in a perfectly wrapped package of sarcasm.

Where this play might lose its audience is perhaps in its sophistication: it’s here that Baby Redboots’ Revenge walks a double-edged sword. On one hand, the dialogue of the play clearly shows playwright Philip-Dimitri Glass’ passion and talent for language. On the other, this show might not exactly be accessible to a broad audience, especially those who are unfamiliar with the language of theatre. Nevertheless, Baby Redboots’ Revenge is unapologetically refined, and displays a finesse that sticks true with Glass’ talent as a writer. For those with a passion for language and theatre, Sullivan’s flawless execution is an absolute must see for this year’s Fringe Festival.

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