dance-garbage-Paul-Gordon-KEY-pic-photo-credit-Tony-Zolonski-2011Playwright & Director: Paul Gordon
Cast: Paul Gordon

Performed at the Lyric Theatre

Review by: Nicole Williams

To describe this play as untraditional would be to not do it justice. More of a performance piece, Paul Gordon’s DanceGarbage is a medley of stories and scenes from his life as both a garbage man and a professional dancer. What DanceGarbage lacks in tradition, it provides in hilarity and surprising moments of thoughtfulness.

The quality that makes DanceGarbage truly special is Gordon’s genuine earnestness to engage with his audience. So much so, that this performance does require volunteers, and should there be no volunteers, Gordon will select participants from the audience. Those who do participate are rewarded with homemade chocolate chip cookies. As a forced participant myself, I can say that though the experience of being on-stage was both embarrassing and slightly uncomfortable, the cookie definitely helps.

This performance also lacked any form of structure, which some might find tedious, but in doing so also becomes a welcoming piece to those hesitant about theatre. There is a true charm to Gordon’s DanceGarbage, and if the experience you want is the feeling of sitting down with a friend for a beer, then this is the play for you.

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