Death and the Maiden (second review)

DeathandtheMaiden-KEY-promo-image-Photo-CreditPlaywright: Ariel Dorfman
Cast: Claudia Wit, Mischa Aravena, Rod McTaggart
Director: Mel Aravena

Performed at The Pearl Company

Review by: Nicole Williams

Death and the Maiden delivers intensity and drama to The Pearl Company. I had heard of Death and the Maiden from other Fringe goers, so there was a lot of hype to this play and it certainly did not disappoint.

The play chronicles the events of a husband and wife who host a doctor that the husband meets earlier in their home for a night. As the play unfolds, we discover that Paulina, the wife, believes the doctor to be one of the men who tortured her during a dictatorship regime.

The questions Death and the Maiden ask are complex, leaving the audience questioning what justice truly is. The tension this play provides is truly captivating and is only made possible through the actors’ flawless delivery. Claudia Wit as the wife driven to madness is truly spectacular. Each line is delivered with a care unparalleled, and is sure to have the audience on the edge of their seats.

The dedication the actors gave to their roles was also truly inspiring. During our viewing of the play, the power went out due to a thunderstorm, twice, which needless to say must have been frustrating for the performers. Regardless of these interruptions, and eventually having to perform under flashlights, were able to remain in character, making the performance seamless. A true triumph in storytelling, Death and the Maiden is must see for this year’s Fringe Festival.

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