Occupy Me

Counter-Point-Occupy-Me-KEY-promo-imagePlaywright: Bronwyn Steinberg & Sarah Waisvisz

Cast: Bronwyn Steinberg

Performed at: The Studio (118 James St N)

Review by: Nicole Williams

Occupy Me was the play most shrouded in mystery for me. I had heard whispers of it being a yoga class, and in my mind, theatre and yoga don’t mix right? Wrong.

Occupy Me introduces yoga instructor Sarah Lotus Blossom, a perky and spiritual yoga instructor who takes her audience (or students) through different yoga poses and her concerns about world events. The performance begins as an ordinary yoga class, and members of the audience are encouraged to take to a mat, and participate in the lesson. As the lesson develops, it is revealed that Sarah Lotus Blossom is an activist, but is unsure of her place in political movements such as the Occupy Movement or the Arab Spring, which is all tied in her quest for Nirvana.

Both funny and thoughtful, Occupy Me is a charming (and challenging if you’re new to yoga and choose to participate) performance by Bronwyn Steinberg, and is sure to deliver a theatre experience you have never had before.

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