Colleen-Sutton-RiderGirl-KEY-promoPlaywright: Colleen Sutton
Cast: Colleen Sutton

Performed at The Pearl Company

Review by: Nicole Williams

This play is not just for football fans. Being a novice to the game myself, my unfamiliarity with the sport in no way impaired my ability to enjoy and appreciate the never-ending energy of Colleen Sutton. Sutton plays a young girl from the Canadian prairies, who along with attempting to figure out her life and her vocation, is lured into the famed fandom of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

Filled with constant cursing and the unbridled passion that comes along with a love for the game, Rider Girl is both hilarious and touching. At the heart of the relentless force that is Colleen Sutton, there is a story about facing the struggles of finding true happiness in passion over paycheque.

Sutton herself takes on the roles of all the characters within the play, and while this makes the transitions within the performance a little rough, she never ceases to deliver laugh out loud impressions of a dull boyfriend or a pure bred Saskatchewan Rough Riders fan. Sutton also succeeds in bringing enthusiasm out of her audience, from hosting tailgate parties at Rebel Rock’s Irish Pub, to (playfully) goading Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans. The amount of dedication Sutton brings to Rider Girl is refreshing. This play is both charming, unpretentious and a ton of fun.

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