Roommates-Danny-Deakin-KEY-promo-imagePlaywright: Danny Deakin, Na’im Vojdani
Director: Danny Deakin, Na’im Vojdani
Cast: Danny Deakin, Na’im Vojdani, Chandler Loryn, Vanessa Mileto, Nicole Marie Henderson, Gregory McGuire

Review by: Tom Mackan

Our minds heavy with overindulgence in a spectacular menu of drama, of love and betrayal, of death and threats of death, it’s time for a visit to Tim Hortons… a taste of lightness. A feast of stimulating coffee and chocolate dipped cream-filled donuts, and a place to put the thinking process away for a rest. Come see this smooth and cooling bit of theatre-lite. Writers/Directors Deaking and Vojdani have concocted for us a fast-paced situation comedy in the tried and true formula of unlikely mates in a world within the real world. They are two single guys, twenty-somethings, Rob and Jake, who share a spiffy condominium flat in a tony building and live interconnecting lives of TV, sports, video games, partying, take-out food, beer, casual girl friends and odds and ends of drop-ins, including another male buddy of the chubby loveable genre. He’s P.G. This bit of a threesome adds a girl buddy who fits into their bachelor paradise without any fuss or obligations. She’s Steph’.

The story is designed for a rapid beginning, an inevitable falling out, a reconsideration, a late discovery of love and a happy ending all neat and tidy boy-girl, boy-girl, boy- girl perfect. Go to commercial. Watch next week’s episode for more hilarious misunderstandings and death defying silliness.

Rob is the cute guy, blonde and blue eyed, fit and endearingly attractive, and his counter foil is darkly handsome far-eastern hunk, Jake. Danny Deakin plays Rob with facile and comfortable ease, practised in the style of the TV genre he loves, while Na’im Vojdani creates Jake from the template of the sexy heart throb with the eastern mystique. He’s a master at it, ideal for the role. To Greg Maguire goes the comic loser, just a bit overweight, a delightful take on the dumb but tolerable and useful misfit. Chandler Loryn is Steph’ (Stephanie)… quite remarkable for her skill at listening, observing, and commenting with knowing droll resignation to her role. (Dear readers, you don’t want a spoiler here, do you?)

There’s the opportunistic Natalie of the femme fatale figure, dangling the bait with wide eyed deep cleavaged impartiality played to sexy perfection by Vaness Mileto, and the killer bitch Jen in the very capable hands of talented and lovely Nicole Henderson. You won’t need help with the story. It tells itself. Besides there a back projection of filmed scenes to keep us au courant with the goings-on.  Get yourself to the upstairs theatre at The Citadel venue soon and enjoy this laugh-a-line hoot! The piece moves along like the drive-through at Tim Horton’s where honey-dipped donut holes are sold. (In-joke. See the play. Tell them I sent you.)

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