Tom, Dick & Harry

TDH-poster2.inddPlaywright: Langille MacGregor
Director: Byron McKim
Cast: Risa Cohen, Adrian Gorrissen, Scott Garland, Anthony Rella, Cynthia Galant

Review by: Tom Mackan

This is slick stuff. Director Byron McKim and his little company of fine actors make the most of this little work. Four contemporary urbanites make it their business to solve a sticky proposal and in so doing become involved in the newest, the latest, social challenge of this century. Writer Langille MacGregor’s crafty play is cleverly constructed to explore the issue of gay marriage and having children. Sally’s ex husband Dick would like to engage her services in conceiving and carrying a baby for him and his new spouse, Harry. Sperm donation seems to be the option desired, but in her single-hood, Sally has reached her mid-thirties and along the way has attracted a younger man, a hunk named Tom, into a sexual relationship.  The idea of pregnancy is low on her agenda. Bringing all four into about an hour’s entertainment is the essence of the situation, and of course, comedy erupts and lo, a situation comedy to lighten your Fringe going, dear Readers It’s a well run show, paced and timed with expertise. The laughs are a-plenty and right on the beat.

The acting is polished, the performers practised and stage-smart. Risa Cohen as Sally plays the role of the ex-wife with urbanity and hilarious detachment. The writer has given her the device of addressing the audience to convey her take on the activity, and she takes delightfully to it like a true stand-up comic. Tom, her hot young biscuit with a rippling bod, played with admirable sexy charm by Anthony Rella, makes a delicious foil to Sally’s need to feel young. A superbly watchable performance. The ex-husband Dick now re-married to Harry gets a disarming and charming portrayal from Adrian Gorrissen, an actor of considerable variety and skills. Each performer is stage wise and experienced, but for my money Scott Garland takes the detached and dry delivery to a masterful level. He’s just so right for the role of the extra thumb, in the way of everything and loving it. He has a special reward waiting for him at the resolution, but no spoiler allowed here.

A lot of touchy little issues are raised, explored, and the quick liners are legion, as are the hilarious situations. As noted already, the writing is excellent for the genre, the production values are high, the pace quick, and the enjoyment rich. Get out and see this show. Tell them I sent you. The Citadel upstairs theatre.

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