Asylum (second review)

Red-Ribbon-Theatre-Asylum-KEY-promo-imagePlaywright: Russel Niessen, Stephen Ingram, River Guard, Emma Greve
Cast: River Guard, Russel Niessen, Rachel Estok, Kit Simmons, Camille Intson
Jennifer Francis, Nora Fenton, Jaqueline Gruba, Radu Ciobor, David Gibble, Bart Ronde
Director: Russel Niessen

Warning: Mature Content, Strobes

Performed at The Staircase/The Players’ Guild

Review by: Justin Emmett

This effort by Russel Niessen is a great example of an introductory fringe play that borrows from pop Psychology. Dabbing into the dark art of musicals, the story of two characters who may or may not fall in love in a mental asylum.

A young effort by a talented group of performers- the costume design, and creative implementation of props maintains the tone of a suicidal storyline written for the young and impressionable.

The subject matter was larger than the story that carried it.

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