DanceGarbage (second review)

dance-garbage-Paul-Gordon-KEY-pic-photo-credit-Tony-Zolonski-2011Playwright & Director: Paul Gordon
Cast: Paul Gordon

Performed at the Lyric Theatre

Review by: Justin Emmett

DanceGarbage is an excellent performance piece put on by Paul Gordon from Binghamton, NY.

Breaking it down into simple formulae for those of us who haven’t been shown the ropes, Paul begins the set by outlining the struggle of all artists, the pursuit of happiness and what it feels like once you have made it.

If stories of detailed garbage sundaes and interactive performance pieces involving the audience are of interest, sit forward.

Have you ever wanted to be a doctor but things didn’t quite pan out because the pay wasn’t enough? Imagine all the secrets the G-men know about the lives of the common man. The daily struggles of the public; the animals of the city, the spirit of progress and other diadactic treasures.

Paul is a charming actor who awakens the tao beneath the stage, illustrating the importance of balance while dancing through life. Fans of improv theatre and the philosophy of zen will likely find themselves in familiar territory: introspective sessions of small stories that may seem fragmented to the untrained eye, and all the more appealing for those willing to listen.

Rumor has it there is also a bat that may or may not haunt the Lyric theatre.

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