Green Being Green (second review)

ECO5-Green-Being-Green-KEY-promo-imagePlaywright: Peter Ormond

Review by: Steven Spriensma

At the beginning of the show, Green Being Green is given the subtitle ‘a play in seven acts’, but don’t be fooled- viewers must be warned that they have to eschew the label of ‘play’ and expect a series of lectures, some inspirational, some a moral bludgeoning.

The ‘play’ is put on by various local environmental and social activists, including Green Party candidate Peter Ormond, about the various environments- natural, social, mental, etc. And despite its subject matter, the actors/speakers seem to have fun with what they’re doing, even when they get passionate. Nobody takes things seriously until they have to.

But it’s a wide net they cast, and though they always come across as incredibly genuine, sometimes you wish they wouldn’t, for the sake of both the play and the environmental movement they represent. The dichotomy is highlighted in acts three and four; act three features an informed and impassioned speech about the polluted state of the earth that made me feel inspired; act four was a pseudoscientific dialogue dealing with the astrological state of the earth and how we’re moving from the ‘masculine’ age of Pisces into the ‘feminine’ age of Aquarius, and it made me want to repeatedly bash my head against a wall. Sadly, it didn’t get any better after that.

You may find something you like in this- like I said, it’s a wide net. If you’re up for a free seminar on laughter therapy, this one’s for you! But if your tolerance for feel-good buzzwords is low, then you might be the wrong target.

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