Hangman’s Reprise (second review)

Zooid-Lori-Lemare-Hangmans-REprise-KEY-promo-imagePlaywright: Bettina Von Kampen
Director: Lori Le Mare, Paula Grove
Cast: Paula Grove, Tanis MacArthur, Pamela Gardner, Lori Le Mare, Adam Bergquist

Performed at Lyric Theatre (venue has since, been changed)

Review by: Justin Emmett

The Hangman’s Reprise is one of my favorite plays at this years Fringe. Beyond the amazing acrobatics and work done by the performers, watching agile bodies wrap themselves between the curtains. If you had the chance to see any of the puppets parading around the art crawl, particularly impressive during Hangman’s Reprise.

A clever play centering on the true story of some American ex-pats and involves the history of the Hamilton region. I had the pleasure of witnessing this strange work of art during the anniversary of the hanging, making it all the more eerie.

Make your way out to the Lyric theatre and revel in the madness that is Lori Le Mare’s vision of a historical bloodbath.

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