Nocturne (third review)

Nocturne-Samuel-Chang-KEY-Program-shotPlaywright: Samuel Chang, Allison Warwick & Derek Hung
Director: Samuel Chang
Cast: AJ Haygarth, Allison Warwick, Michael Pearson, Cassandra Bowerman, Carissa Bowerman

Review by: Justin Emmett

The Fringe festival is a bit of a grab bag, you never know what to expect- but the buzz surrounding this play is certainly warranted.

NOCTURNE details the relationship between artist and muse,  and shares a certain post-grad sentiment of self-doubt and fear of the unknown. The music of Carissa Bowerman is captivating, keeping pace with the melody of the play.It calls into question the nature of love, war and loneliness.

Samuel Chang is a great example of Hamilton talent that is ripe for original pieces of art. The authenticity and character delivery by fellow Brock alumni Michael Pearson as Charlie is a welcomed reminder of days spent enjoying theatre during college.

This play is well worth the admission fee, and is a great example of an original local work of art.

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1 Response to Nocturne (third review)

  1. John Calnan says:

    And true masterpiece. Jc

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