Death and the Maiden (third review)

DeathandtheMaiden-KEY-promo-image-Photo-CreditPlaywright: Ariel Dorfman
Cast: Claudia Wit, Mischa Aravena, Rod McTaggart
Director: Mel Aravena

Performed at The Pearl Company

Review by: Justin Emmett

One of the better plays at Fringe: Death and the Maiden, captured the attention of an intimate crowd at the Pearl Theatre Company. A story about love, perfectly wrapped with the insanity of revenge during a revolution, as well as the best program at Fringe (a patient record, with photo of Paulina Salas and clever printing of information) was reminiscent of old DVDs in the 90s that actually provided a material experience to illustrate the art of film. Setting a cold tone walking into the play, and although it takes a considerable amount of time to sit through, I found myself ultimately satisfied. Walking out of death & the maiden I had realized something terribly odd about my hands- I had been biting my nails during the performance. The intensity of Claudia Wit’s performance resonating throughout the basement of The Pearl Company Theatre had worn me out by the time I made it home. These are the effects of the dynamics and affectionate performance between Dr. Miranda (Rod McTaggart) and Paula Salas. This play is great, and the actors are perfectly tangled between one another.

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