Jack & Jill Bieber-Fever (second review)

Jack-Jill-Beiber-Fever-KEY-image1Writer: Kevin Somers
Director: Ryan M. Sero
Cast: Sean Emberley, Carley Hartviksen, Nathan Hicks, Tracey Kenyon, Ryan M. Sero

Review by: Rebecca Costie

“Risin’ up, back on the street / Did my time, took my chances / Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet / just a man and his will to survive /…”

Can you hear that song in your head? No? Can you name that tune? Not quite sure? Think Rocky III or K-tel’s Mini Pops.

Yep, it’s Survivor’s masterpiece “Eye of the Tiger.”

A production that welcomes an audience with this track is sure to be something good or a complete disaster. Thankfully, Jack and Jill Bieber-Fever is the former and not the latter.

Jack and Jill Bieber-Fever is a goofy, sweet, and upbeat story about blind dating and the associated perils and possibilities. Jack (Nathan Hicks) and Jill (Carley Hartviksen) prepare for and navigate this type of dating experience with the help of Jack’s Brain (Sean Emberley) and Jill’s Brain (Abigail Veenstra), on stage and in human form, and the sometimes on-stage narrator, Danny (Ryan M. Sero).

Kevin Somers’ script contains plenty of smart and funny material.  A John Wayne impersonation, the Brains breaking into song, a pesky, oblivious, and self-promoting narrator, and characters obsessed with Jack`s decision to wear “quitters” are a small sample of the many gems that generate giggles or big laughs.

Sean Emberley is the star of the show, as he plays Jack’s Brain with great ease and skill. I was hooked when he swaggered on stage, wearing a white fedora and singing “Eye of the Tiger.” The other cast members deliver performances that are a mixes of strengths and weaknesses. It’s not a perfect production, but I was engaged – from beginning to end. It’s definitely worth recommending!

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