Myra’s Story (third review)

Myra-Story-Jennifer-CornishKEY-promo-image-LRGphoto-credit-Brian-Z.-Kelly1Playwright: Brian Foster
Director: Darlene Spencer
Cast: Jennifer Cornish

Review by: Brian Morton

MYRA’S STORY is a full length monologue about a female alcoholic living rough on the streets of Dublin is brought to us by Kitchener based production company PraACTical TheaACTrics.
With only a bench and a few chairs the story takes us on a journey that spans thirty five years – taking us through issues of addiction, co-dependency, SIDS, and the Sunday Bloody Sunday massacre where the British army fired on unarmed civilians.

Jennifer Cornish gives a lovely and committed performance as Myra, transforming herself between several different characters and taking us through Myra’s life from love-struck carefree teenager to sad and lost middle age.  Lest this seem a complete downer, I am happy to relate that there is bittersweet humour in this story too.

This production’s real strength is in how it forces us to confront our own prejudices about addiction and mental illness.  It is too easy to dismiss those who live on the margins of society. By relating one woman’s story of decline into the gutter we gain real insight into just what a slippery slope dependency and substance abuse is and how it can effect the most vulnerable amongst us.

This is powerful stuff and should not be missed.

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