Kid A, Kid B (fourth review)

kid-A-kid-B.-KEY-PROMOTIONAL-IMAGEChoreographer: Alyssa Martin
Director: Alyssa Martin
Cast: Corrado Cerruto, Alicia Gui, Olivia Herman, Taylor Hunt, Samantha Grist, Sylvie Moquin

Review by: Justin Emmett

Kid A kid B plays out with the awkward romanticism of a Wes Anderson film. It’s cheeky and clever, well choreographed and plays on gender differences.

Casting two of the male campers girls felt appropriate and added humor to their characters. This play would have been amazing had the actors actually sang through the musical instances; but it could have also been a disaster. Thankfully, the direction of Alyssa Martin uses dialogue sparingly, and plays on the strengths of the music to tell the story.

The use of tent props and camper costumes brought me back to the days spent freezing in the cold with fellow Scouts. The sass of the female tent is well tempered against the feigned masculinity of the boy tent.

This play describes itself as a Romeo and Juliet retelling but it feels more like a Wes Anderson film, and brilliantly illustrates the simplicity required to create an interesting spectacle.

Without too many resources, the play achieves the entertainment and satisfaction of a great production. The wisdom and technique used trumps any over-produced or over-acted FRINGE efforts this year that lost control over the crowd.

Everyone in the audience was laughing by the end, including myself. Sometimes that’s worth more than 100 reviews.

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