Contemporary Conjuring

Nick-Wallace-KEY-Promo-image-1Cast: Nick Wallace

Show Type: Magic
Audience: General
Warning: May not be suitable for little children

Performed at Gallery #3: James North Studio

Review by: Sean Pittman

I expected a line outside James North Studio for magician Nick Wallace’s show Contemporary Conjuring. What I did not expect was the quick ingenuity of the front-of house staff to conjure nearly half a dozen extra seats for the large audience. Well done!
The show that followed was fantastic to say the least. With minimal props and in only 25 minutes Wallace involves the entire audience for a once-in-a lifetime, never before seen experience.

As a self-proclaimed skeptic, I was surprised to be selected for an audience participation illusion. It was an ‘uplifting’ experience to say the least. With only three Sunday performances left, make sure to arrive early. A must see!

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