Cold Case (second review)

Roberto-Angelini-Cold-Case-KEYPromo-Image2Created and Performed By: Roberto Angelini

Show Type: Drama
Audience: General

Performed at Gallery #1: B Contemporary Gallery

Review by: Sean Pittman

Having just finished season one of The Wire, I was looking forward to Roberto Angelini’s police drama Cold Case. b contemporary gallery on James St. N. is transformed into a crime scene when Det. Tony Renato (Roberto Angelini) and Det. Karen Little (Genevieve Jack-Sadiwnyk) pull up in a black SUV complete with flashing police lights.

What follows is a 15 minute vignette of a murder investigation. There isn’t a lot to the story and little is revealed about the victim or the assailant. The strength of the show comes from the dialogue between Renato and Little. The police equivalent of the Odd Couple, Renato is a bumbling and forgetful detective where Little is razor sharp and has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the case.

The piece feels incomplete, as little happens, but perhaps this is commentary on the daily grind of police investigations. Seldom are investigations wrapped up in neat packages. Looking forward to strong performances and more cohesive scenes in next season’s full-length version of Cold Case.

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