Cold Case

Roberto-Angelini-Cold-Case-KEYPromo-Image2Created and Performed By: Roberto Angelini

Show Type: Drama
Audience: General

Performed at Gallery #1: B Contemporary Gallery

Review by: Jessica Perkins

Attention all CSI nuts: this is the show for you! Cold Case takes over b contemporary gallery and transforms it into a crime scene investigation. A young black male in his mid-20s has been gunned down and detectives Tony Renato (Roberto Angelini) and Karen Little (Genevieve Jack-Sadiwynk) are on the case. Anyone reading into Cold Case for a commentary on the recent Zimmerman ruling in Florida can stop immediately. This isn’t a play about race, gun control or politics but rather a mindless piece of cop-drama entertainment. Cold Case is a short 15 minute segment of writer/performer Angelini’s book which hits stages next season. The fun in this show comes from the biting back and forth dialogue between the two police investigators. Performances are strong by both parties. Jack-Sadiwynk succeeds in her role as the under-appreciated but capable partner of Angelini’s blundering detective who can’t seem to remember a single detail of the scene he’s already taken in twice already. This piece was short, light and entertaining, albeit a little lacking in the point of view department. I’m not entirely sure what Cold Case was trying to say…or if it really did have anything to say at all. I guess we will have to wait for the full production to see.

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