Of One Mind

Elysium-Tribal-Of-One-Mind-KEY-imagePlaywright: Field, Erika
Cast: Field, Erika

Director: Improvisational
Show Type: Dance Audience: General

Performed at Gallery #2: Factory Media Centre

Review by: Katie Stoneman

I, along with several of my girlfriends, have always had, what I’d classify as, a slight fascination with belly dancing. How do they move like that? In time with the beat? Yeah, right.

Elysium Tribal gave an exciting performance in a small white studio on James Street North. The cheerful jingling of the various costumes elements, paired with some amazing tribal music is a lot of fun for onlookers.

The stark white background sets off the performers’ outfits, creating quite a striking performance. And an improvised performance at that.

American Tribal Style is a version of dance that combines Flamenco and belly dancing, with tribal music. But, the dances are never choreographed, basically every performance improvised. You can see each of the dancers following cues from one another’s body. It’s really quite impressive.

Go. Watch these two women perform. It’s worth a look.

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