This One

imageShow Type: One Woman Show

Audience: General

Warning: Allergy Alert: Baking ingredients (flour, vegetable shortening, salt) used on stage.

Review by: Jessica Perkins

Performed at Gallery #2 Factory Media Centre

For those who have a sensitive heart, I recommend bringing a tissue or two to This One. Right from the beginning, it is nearly impossible not to fall in love with writer and performer Denise Mader. She is genuine and vulnerable and succeeds in immediately connecting with her audience. A sweetly apologetic Mader, in her quest to make her first pie, races around a makeshift kitchen in a search for a lost pastry cutter. As the play unfolds we realize that the baking instrument is not all she is missing. This One is a play about loss. Specifically, it is about the struggle to come to terms with life after the tragic death of a loved one. Memories remain as a constant reminder of both the sentimental past and, in stark contrast, the painful reality of the present. You feel as if you have lost half of yourself, rendering you incomplete. Mader cleverly uses her pie-baking endeavour as a metaphor for coping with her loss. Like her crust, she is fragile…but with the right ingredients of time and perspective, recovery is possible. This One is honest and brave, and although there are moments of sadness, there are many moments of laughter Mader embraces. This reviewer cannot wait to see the play as a full length piece.

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