The Whirlwind (third review)

The-Whirlwind-Doug-Massey-KEY-image1Playwright: Doug Massey
Director: John Addison
Cast: Chris Cracknell, Carla Zabek, John Addison, Doug Massey

Review by: Justin Emmett

A historical reprise of the war of 1812, this play invites the audience to explore the history of Canada and an important story well known among those in the Niagara region: the battle of beaver dams.

Whirlwind cheekily pulls on the stereotypes and misguided truths surrounding the relationship between the Natives and the British Empire. A satisfying exploration in the history of the region, this play reads like an educational lecture.

Audience members may be asked to participate in a survey regarding the events in the play, and share what they have gained from the experience. Being a Brock graduate, it was refreshing to hear familiar names such as Decew House and a region that has stood as a testament to fending off the Americans and securing our freedom in the north. However, this play will probably not get the attention it deserves because people do not value the history of Canada.

It would be unfortunate to miss this show, but it would also be realistic. There are more interesting plays to see, although they may not necessarily teach you anything about Canada.

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